The recent occurrence of dust in Pahang

The recent occurrence of dust in Pahang due to bauxite mining is one good example. Air-conditioner needs to be serviced from time to time. During the past decades in the dry seasons of June to September, the plantation companies in Sumatra and Kalimantan would burn the forest in clearance for oil palm plantation.

Firstly is haze. Therefore, it is advisable to have quarries far away from residential areas.

From the past years record, the forest fires were not easy to extinguish due to shortage of water, underground burning in peaty soil and monsoon wind. Legionella consists of small insects, viruses, germs and fungus. The monsoon wind would blow the smoke to Peninsula Malaysia and Singapore from Sumatra whereas in East Malaysia from Kalimantan. It is commonplace for household to have air-conditioners in bedrooms.

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The fourth source is bacteria and viruses present in the air. The newly elected Government is yet to take serious action on the plantation companies and produce results for its neighbours to see in the coming years. Dust Module Clamp could be due to barren land without vegetation coverage. Legionella tends to develop in old air-conditioner lacking services and air cooling duct. The dust is definitely detrimental to health. These pets would generate loose hairs detached from their bodies.

The fifth source is legionella. It is indeed an economic cost to nations. Haze in Malaysia was originated in our neighboring country namely Indonesia.

There are a few major sources of air pollution in Malaysia.

The second source is dust. Normally residents rear cats and/or dogs as pets. The fires would burn non-stop for few months.

Despite the complaints from Malaysia and Singapore, Indonesian Government seemed to be unable to stop the fire burning practice of the plantation companies. This is due to new strains of viruses blown to our land from elsewhere.

The sixth source is pet hair. To get rid of the aforesaid pollutants, we need to have a good air filter or air purifier installed in our houses and offices.

The people in Malaysia, Singapore and even in Indonesia itself suffer from various diseases related to respiration due to the haze. For instance, influenza viruses are always in the air we breathe. Sometimes, people are suffering from stronger influenza. Most of the air pollution issues are due to human ignorance and negligence.

The third source is quarry dust.

Air pollution is one of the teething environmental issues Brake System in most countries especially in the third world. Quarry dust could cause a kind of cancer, Silicosis if the lung is infected. To live a healthy life we need clean air.

Pollution may cause various diseases in human. The globe is subject to air flow from one area to another